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Bericht: United States immigrants originating from Lorsch or Kleinhausen



United States immigrants originating from Lorsch or Kleinhausen

In the mid-19th and early 20th centuries, part of the European population emigrated to the United States. Between 1850 and 1930 alone there were 5 million Germans looking for their luck in the New World.
The motives were essentially hunger, poverty or poor future prospects (e.g. due to the division of the farm) or a thirst for adventure. In return, cheap land and high wages, low taxes and the prospect of a better quality of life attracted people to America.
According to a Rothenheber family tradition there was another reason for the emigration. They left Germany after the First World War due to German hyperinflation.
Often, the emigrants were actually better off in their new homeland, and it was frequently that relatives or friends were encouraged to follow them.
During this time, many citizens from Lorsch and Kleinhausen also left their homeland for America, mostly whole families.
Reasons like those in other parts of Germany certainly contributed to this decision in Lorsch. As a result, there are many Americans today who have their roots in Lorsch, among other German towns.
Recently, this lineage has been confirmed by new insights from DNA genealogy.

Here is a list of all America emigrants from Lorsch, the neighbouring town of Kleinhausen (today Einhausen) and Lorsch-Seehof. The Seehof was once an independent municipality with over 200 inhabitants. Due to poor agricultural conditions, most of the Seehof residents emigrated to the United States in 1853/54.
This list is not yet complete and is constantly being extended while working on the Local Heritage Book Lorsch.

Heppenheim November 2022
Peter Bohrer

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# Personen-Kennung Person Geburtsdatum Geburtsort Taufdatum Ort der Taufe Residence Sterbedatum Sterbeort Ort der Beerdigung
601 I65668  Wiegand Catherine  1834  Seehof bei Lorsch   1834  Lorsch   USA  1916  Wayne County,Michigan,USA  Detroit,Wayne County,Michigan,USA 
602 I65676  Wiegand Elisabeth  1851  Seehof bei Lorsch   1851  Lorsch   New York City,New York,USA       
603 I42601  Wiegand Franz  1828  Seehof bei Lorsch   1828  Lorsch   New York City,New York,USA  1875  Center Line,Macomb County,Michigan,USA  Center Line,Macomb County,Michigan,USA 
604 I65674  Wiegand George  1846  Seehof bei Lorsch   1846  Lorsch   New York City,New York,USA  1921  Golden,Oceana County,Michigan,USA   
605 I65670  Wiegand Jacob  1838  Seehof bei Lorsch   1838  Lorsch   USA  1915  Wayne County,Michigan,USA  Detroit,Wayne County,Michigan,USA 
606 I63310  Wiegand John  1830  Seehof bei Lorsch   1830  Lorsch   Grosse Pointe,Wayne,Michigan,USA  1892  Golden,Oceana County,Michigan,USA  Hart,Oceana County,Michigan,USA 
607 I66408  Wiegand John  1863  Lorsch       Stamford,Connecticut,USA  1904  Brooklyn,Kings,New York,USA  Brooklyn,Kings,New York,USA 
608 I66599  Wiegand Margaretha    Seehof bei Lorsch   1804  Lorsch   USA       
609 I54677  Wiegand Philipp    Seehof bei Lorsch   1806  Lorsch   Grosse Pointe,Wayne,Michigan,USA  1891  Grosse Pointe,Wayne,Michigan,USA   
610 I65675  Wiegand Susanna  1848  Seehof bei Lorsch   1848  Lorsch   New York City,New York,USA       
611 I17471  Wiegand Wendelin  1820  Kleinhausen   1820  Lorsch   USA  1888  Cook County,Illinois,USA   
612 I65667  Wiegand Englebert Barbara  1832  Seehof bei Lorsch   1832  Lorsch   USA  1901  Warren,Macomb County,Michigan, USA  Center Line,Macomb County,Michigan, USA 
613 I26862  Witzenbacher Andrew  1822  Lorsch   1822  Lorsch   Cincinnati,Hamilton County,Ohio,USA  1881    Cincinnati,Hamilton County,Ohio,USA 
614 I68251  Witzenbacher Michael  1845  Lorsch   1845  Lorsch   Cincinnati,Hamilton County,Ohio,USA  1913  Belle Center,Logan County,Ohio,USA   
615 I14504  Wüst Maria Anna  1822  Kleinhausen   1822  Lorsch   New York City,New York,USA  1851  Illinois,USA   
616 I45252  Wüst Nikolaus  1808  Lorsch       USA       
617 I19948  Zabler Franz Xaver  1831  Mingolsheim       USA  1896  New York City,New York,USA   
618 I11908  Zöller Susan    Kleinhausen   1801  Lorsch   Wayne,DuPage County,Illinois,USA  1874    Carol Stream,DuPage County,Illinois,USA 

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